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SubjectRe: Kernel developers wrote:
> Petko Manolov wrote:
> > Looks good for code browsing. There is something similar at:
> >
> >
> BTW, it would be a quite worthwhile project for somebody with a bit
> of spare time at their hands to write such a browser that:
> - is fast
> - knows about types and how to follow function pointers
> (e.g. that can trace foo->send() to the right set of "send"s)
> - allows navigation in views (e.g. "show all callers of xyzzy",
> then walk over the list of callers to pick the right one)
> - has some concept of additional attributes, e.g. "may sleep",
> "grabs a lock", etc.
> - can look inside macros

This looks as a lot of work ;-)

> The navigation should be a bit like with mutt, when you go by arrival
> (o u) to check recent stuff, then jump to threads (o t), and finally
> end up checking if the author of a particular message has said more
> interesting things in the past (o f).
> - Werner (no, I don't have the time ;-)

Me too ;-))

Now i'm rewriting my driver fitting to new network code changes
(since 2.3.43). And it locks _hard_ just like when i start the


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