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SubjectRe: Of removable devices
In message <88f0hb$>, david parsons writes:
| In article <linux.kernel.Pine.GSO.4.10.10002161324530.13707-100000@weyl.math.
| Alexander Viro <> wrote:
| >On Wed, 16 Feb 2000, David Balazic wrote:
| >> it would mount as another logical volume. Now when there was a need to
| >> access
| >> the first floppy, the OS popped up a dialog ( a requester, in amiga
| >> terminology :-)
| >> saying "Insert volume Linux_help_disk into any drive". When the user
| >
| >Ahem... OK, does anyone else see something strange in words "OS popped up
| >a dialog"?
| On a real operating system, the OS would simply notify userland, which
| would do whatever it wanted to do. A sensible userland might then

Solaris manages to do this quite well without any weird interactions between
kernel and userspace: vold keeps track and notifies a listener which pops
up the dialog if you're running X. If you aren't, you get a text message

Seriously, find a Solaris box and look at vold and rmmount. They're not
perfect, but they don't suck all that badly either.

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