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    SubjectRe: Of removable devices
    In <> Alexander Viro ( wrote:

    > On Wed, 16 Feb 2000, David Balazic wrote:

    >> AmigaOS just polled the line to detect insertions and removals.

    > Wonderful. And how frequent the polling was?

    It can be configure option :-) BTW it can do not very often. What's more
    important is to check if there are disk changed before EVERY attempt to
    write on disk. And VFS should be ready to get answer from device "device
    POSSIBLE changed, please ask filesystem driver (floppy driver can do so
    without filesystem since only filesystem knows where there are serial number
    on floppy) to be shure". And when there can be more then one filesystem on
    device (I can have fat and ext2fs floppies, fat/ext2fs/ntfs ZIP or
    iso9660/ext2fs cd-rom :-) situation is even more interesting...

    >> it would mount as another logical volume. Now when there was a need to
    >> access
    >> the first floppy, the OS popped up a dialog ( a requester, in amiga
    >> terminology :-)
    >> saying "Insert volume Linux_help_disk into any drive". When the user

    > Ahem... OK, does anyone else see something strange in words "OS popped up
    > a dialog"?

    Of course Linux can not pop up a dialog :-) Only "OS" like AmigaOS or NT
    where all stupid stuff is pushed in kernel can do this. Linux can block
    request, send notification message to daemon (it'll be good to inform daemon
    about process where such problem happened to not pop up 500 dialogs on
    500 terminals on 5 different continents where all users connected to that
    comp sits), this daemon open up dialog and wait for kernel to get message
    "Ok, floppy found, you can remove your dialog". Perhaps daemon can notify
    kernel as well when "Ok" in dialog clicked to try to search floppies in
    different floppy drives (remember: I can have more then one floppy drive of
    any type; situiation where you have both CD-ROM and CD-RW is not unusual,
    for example). Gosh. PILE OF CHANGES ! Rowork of VFS, messages flying around,
    daemons... Is it doable? Absolutely ! Is it worth it ? Perhaps not. But who
    knows ?

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