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SubjectRe: char/Serial.c
I might say that NT, the other half of my 486 is quite content with the
disposition of the I/O card, even with the ( I personnaly didn't know it was
set at ) strange IRQ setting. One does not understand why the current set of
kernels could not do the same!

I dont understand where the problems could crop up. If I were to try to detect
the IRQ for each of the well know Serial I/O addresses, I would simply
redirect the interrupt vectors ( temporarily ) to addresses that I am aware
of. This appears to be exceedingly simple, but I suppose the concept of
modules, may make that dangerous to do.

Has the kernel addressed IRQ daisy chaining ? or is still 1 IRQ/device.
gat wrote:

> Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 13:16:02 -0500
> From: Uncle George <>
> Apparently my ttyS1 had an IRQ if 5 ( rather than the usual setting of
> IRQ 3 ). It seems that the serial driver does not really detect the IRQ
> I used to try to make IRQ autodetection work, but it turned out to be
> causing more failures than it saved, due to the fact that PC hardware
> manufacturer's are unbearably sloppy about implementing everything under
> them.
> - Ted

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