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    SubjectRe: 2.3.43 breaks network drivers
    "Jack (Butch) Griffin" wrote:
    > I am using 2.3.46-1 and the have the RTL8139 network card. The recent
    > changes to the driver cause the compilation to error. I am using gcc
    > The problem is the global param[][] that is
    > located in both rtl8129.c and 8139too.c. These two conflict with one
    > another. I don't have the source in front of me (it is at home) so I cannot
    > quote exact lines. This problem occurred with the drives compiled into the
    > kernel.
    > My fix was to just make these static within each file. This allows the
    > compile to complete successfully and the driver also worked. I did not even
    > look to see if this constant data is the same between the two files. I am
    > not sure who owns this issue or who to report it to.

    there are e-mail addresses in the source code. :) But for 8139 issues
    you can report them to me.

    Thanks, your fix sounds correct, I'll test and include that in my next

    Jeff Garzik | Writing software is
    Building 1024 | more fun than working.
    MandrakeSoft, Inc. | -Anon

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