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    SubjectRe: One more boobytrap needed for 2.2.15pre ?
    [cc'ed back to lk]
    I have one _idea_ what could have happened:

    1) thread is running with TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE
    2) calls schedule()
    3) schedule calls del_from_runqueue()
    4) ...
    5) can't find a new task, jumps to recalculate
    6) enables interrupts
    7) interrupt
    8) XXXXXXXXXXXXXX: someone changes current->state from within the interrupt.
    current->state now TASK_RUNNING
    9) interrupt returns
    10) recalculate finishes, jumps to repeat_schedule().
    11) prev->state == TASK_RUNNING, so current is selected
    12) a task that's not on the runqueue is selected!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, but now the question is: which interrupt changes current->state? Perhaps
    a special boobytrap in the interrupt handlers could detect that?

    in arch/i386/kernel/irq.c:
    * store "current->state" in a special local variable.
    * always change it to TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE.
    * before returning: check if someone changed current->state
    * restore the old value.


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