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    SubjectRe: Strange multi-interface workings

    > Given that there is a network route for each eth interface I was
    > surprised when the traffic starting "migrating" to another interface.

    It does not migrate, it never _was_ on another interfaces.
    eth1 and eth2 are simply not used in your configuration.

    > The reason I think this is a problem is because it seems to break the
    > theory that multiple interfaces can help speed things up

    Seems, the theory is wrong. 8)
    Especially for httpd, where received load is next to zero comparing
    to output one.

    > Is there a sysctl or similar setting which will allow me to at least
    > advertise all three interfaces via arp?

    They are by default.

    > Though it seems really bogus to send packets to, eth2, only
    > to have them received by eth1. That would seem to break network load
    > balancing by admins who use multiple NICs.

    If you want to get something really useful from multiple links,
    do not attach them to single broadcast wire and use router instead.

    If you do not believe, write 1 to /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/*/hidden
    and check.

    Alexey Kuznetsov

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