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    SubjectRe: Scheduled Transfer Protocol on Linux
    In message <>, Larry McVoy writes:
    | OK, I think I get it. Your point is that SCSI is similar in complexity
    | to STP so the fact that SCSI exists says that drives with STP (and
    | perhaps Linux) are pretty much a done deal. Is that it? If so, excuse
    | my slow brain, it takes me a while sometimes.

    That's exactly it. SCSI isn't *that* simple a protocol, so SCSI drives need
    to have a fair amount of intelligence onboard; the incremental improvement
    for fancier schemes such as STP is minimal.

    | It's a good point, the only flaw is that SCSI drives are way more expensive
    | than IDE drives. The question is if that is inherent or just mark up...

    Markup. SCSI has never been popular enough to get serious volume-based
    price reductions; and those who *do* want it are willing to pay the markup.
    But then, that's what the drive manufacturers would like to see, given the
    nonexistent margins on (E)IDE. Make it "sexy" enough that it sells better
    than SCSI, without making it so much of a commodity that margins fall
    through the floor.

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