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    SubjectRe: elevator-starvation-4 (2.2.14 && 2.3.42)
    Well, yes and no. I guess my fundamental claim is that if
    userland is able to generate requests faster than the driver can
    fulfill them for an extended period of time then we've got a larger
    problem than worrying about a particular request taking a long time
    to satisfy. Indeed, I claim that as long as the driver cannot keep up
    there will always be a pathological case where a particular request
    is unreasonably delayed.

    I'm not saying I have any idea what the correct solution is, but
    I feel that tackling the request scheduling problem is less
    meaningful if we haven't at least taken a whack at solving the
    request overrun problem.


    At 00:59 -0500 02/11/2000, Jeff Garzik wrote:

    >Surely you realize that the case where userland is generates requests
    >faster than the driver can fulfill is a common case...
    > Jeff
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