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    SubjectRe: Softnet/eepro100 driver conversion bug in 2.3.43pre8?
       Date:   Sat, 12 Feb 2000 17:31:20 -0800
    From: David Mosberger <>

    The following patch seems to fix the problem for me. I think the
    cmpxchg should be #ifdef'd on HAVE_CMPXCHG but in our experience,
    atomicity is important for updating cmd_status, so if you can't do
    this atomically, you're probably hosed anyhow (you'll get lots of
    Tx timeouts, at least).

    I don't think it needs to be atomic at all.

    The correct behavior can be obtained without the atomic accesses
    if the ordering of operations is done correctly (with _maybe_ some
    help from some mb() calls), and this problem is no different than the
    one nearly every other ring-descriptor based ethernet driver has to
    deal with, the race between the card seeing a tx descriptor updated
    and the cpu completing the update.

    I'd really prefer if this driver does not try to treat the problem in
    this way, it's not unique, and it's more expensive to do the atomic
    operation as well.

    David S. Miller

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