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SubjectRe: [PATCH] devfs v99.11 available
James A. Simmons writes:
> > > Okay. I'm curious. What did Linus have in mind?
> >
> > He wanted me to move the SCSI device entries from directories like
> > /dev/sd, /dev/sg, /dev/sr and so on to a "logical physical" heirarchy
> > under /dev/scsi, where subdirectory names map to the SCSI address
> > components (i.e. bus, target, lun).
> Actually I like that idea. What prevented you from doing this?

It's just not the way I did it originally, though I didn't mind doing
it that way (after discussions with SGI I was heading in that
direction anyway). I just wanted to keep the old names as well, but
Linus wanted them removed from the patch.

> > > Do I hear linux having a Hardware graph like IRIX in the future as
> > > well?
> >
> > <coy>
> > Where do you hear this?
> > </coy>
> It was just a suggestion.

Watch this space.



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