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SubjectRe: [PATCH] isa_{read,write}{w,l} fixed
Martin Mares wrote:
> Hello!
> > * isa_xxx are only to ease the transition to newstyle ioremap. if you
> > are hacking code, go ahead and update it to use
> > ioremap/readX/writeX/iounmap.
> Not only for that -- they are IMHO just fine for things like probing
> for devices where perpetual ioremap'ing and iounmap'ing the regions you
> want to probe just complicates the code and brings nothing useful.

IMNSHO.... not really :) If you want that type of feature, you should
make yourself a helper function instead

extern inline mj_writeb (u8 val, unsigned long phys_addr) {
void *addr = ioremap (phys_addr, 1);
if (addr) {
writeb (val, addr);
iounmap (addr);

Using isa_xxx during init code is not a good idea because it encourages
assumptions which are not portable. isa_xxx just happens to work with
32-bit PCI memory, for example, but (IIRC) it will not work on anywhere
but x86.


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