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SubjectRe: [PATCH] isa_{read,write}{w,l} fixed
Philipp Rumpf wrote:
> > I do. And the patch is wrong. Physical addresses are unsigned long. Take the
> > errors as a chance to fix up the types in the driver.
> I disagree. A lot of drivers seem to use structs as a cheap way to get
> separate namespaces for their readl() / sbus_readl() offsets, and inconsistent
> behaviour between readb() and isa_readb() (as well as isa_readb() on ARM
> and isa_reab() on x86) would be unnecessarily confusing.

Two key points here --

* isa_xxx are only to ease the transition to newstyle ioremap. if you
are hacking code, go ahead and update it to use

* You can never directly use a struct to access an offset in MMIO
space. To do so is broken and bad bad bad. The only acceptable way is

my_struct = ioremap (...);
my_reg = readb(&my_struct->foo_register);

I much prefer to avoid structs, and use macros to access registers

my_reg = RTL_R8 (FooRegisterConstant);



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