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SubjectRe: [PATCH] devfs v99.11 available

> JS> Which will change meaning if their is more than one head.
> WHY it SHOULD change mening ? Even with multihead you STILL have ONLY one
> "current" virtual console for every program.

Okay. I was looking at the device point of view.

> There are NO things like /dev/ttyX in devfs. If there are more then one device
> there are directory for that devices (/dev/tts/* for serial ports,
> /dev/printer/* for line printer ports, etc). You can not use /dev/tty/* and
> /dev/tty at the same time. So what yoy proposing as /dev/ttyX will be
> in some subdirectory and there are will be "0" for "current" head as well.
> What's wrong here ?

This is what I was asking. I didn't understand why you did the change. Now
I see what rules apply to devfs. I was unaware of the directory
requirement. You know this is going to break alot of things :(

Codito, ergo sum - "I code, therefore I am"
James Simmons (o_
fbdev/gfx developer (o_ (o_ //\ (/)_ (/)_ V_/_

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