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SubjectRe: NetWare Volume IMAGER 1.0 Released/NWFS 2.0.1 Released

You can also download this stuff at


"Jeff V. Merkey" wrote:
> The NetWare Volume IMAGER for doing NetWare to Linux server migrations
> is available for download at in \netmig\nwimage. DOS,
> Linux, and Windows NT/2000 versions are all available. The IMAGER
> creates compressed meta files of an entire Linux systems NetWare volumes
> and allows system admins an easy way to archive, consolidate, merge, and
> restore NetWare volumes under Linux over a network to the same server or
> consolidated servers. The GNU version does NOT compress the image meta
> files, but the licensed version does.
> This is useful for folks who are migrating large numbers of NetWare
> servers to Linux/Windows NT/2000 that need to merge/split/consolidate
> server volumes as part of the migration process.
> The LRU bugs are fixed in the NWFS 2.0 drivers (it was a place I was
> using down_interruptible when I should have been using down -- the lock
> got unlatched allowimg multiple CPUs to corrupt memory when another app
> sent a signal). There's also a new tar.gz with the IMAGER tools and
> updates for the file system config tools. We also discovered a bug with
> inactive mirror groups after a mirroring failover, when you tried to
> remove invalid mirror members, NWCONFIG would get a segmentation fault.
> This has been fixed.
> Jeff Merkey

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