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SubjectRe: Keyboard is frozen on boot of 2.3.41
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> One thing to try might be to just assume that the keyboard controller is a
> slow device (it is), and use "inb_p()" instead of "inb()" etc for the
> definition of kbd_read_input() and friends. Just edit the file
> include/asm-i386/keyboard.h
> if you have a keyboard problem, and replace the inb's and "inb_p"s and the
> outb's with "outb_p"s.

Sorry Linus,

This didn't help. The keyboard still locks up.
I have kept your changes to pc_kbd.c, since at
least my mouse works with your initialization
sequence changes in place.

Please keep me posted if you need more info or
have other things for me to try.


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