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SubjectRe: Keyboard is frozen on boot of 2.3.41
> > Sounds interesting.  I actually thought about trying to have one function in
> > yenta just return and see which one does it. Or is this a waist of time?
> Definitely not a waste of time - for driver issues where people like me
> cannot even reproduce the thing at all (I have a ricoh controller myself,
> and yenta and PS/2 mice work fine together) any amount of experimentation
> is fine. I can only debug this by reading the source and the specs..

Did one more test, the machine is ok as long as BOTH the cdrom and the
cardbus card isn't in the system at the same time at boot. After I boot
with the cdrom in, cardbus card ejected physically, everything's ok. Insert
the card, still ok.

I'm confused now and don't know where to start debugging, this is out of my

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