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    SubjectRe: PCI bridge setup weirdness
    >No, pci_read_bridge_bases() is obsoleted by new pci setup code. ;-)
    >You have to set up bus resources properly in pcibios_fixup_bus().
    >For a single root bus configuration, you don't need to do anything
    >with the root bus itself - its resources already point to ioport_resource
    >and iomem_resource, which should be ok. For pci-pci bridges you have
    >to add something like this:

    The problem I have (and this is why I don't setup host resources
    properly on multi-host PPCs yet) is that some hosts can have several
    non-contiguous ranges (especially with memory, IO is usually a single
    contiguous range).

    There are simply not enough resource "slots" in the current structures
    to handle all possibles cases.

    They basically have a host bridge register in which each low bit enables
    decoding of a 256Mb region in the range 0xn0000000 and each high bit
    enable decoding of a 16Mb region in the range 0xFn000000

    The typical setup is to have one (or more) 256Mb regions, and one 16Mb
    region, but that can change from model to model.


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