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    Subject[PATCH] 8139too fix

    with the fix below, newer versions of modutils won't
    complain about the (missing) symbol debug...

    Could you please apply this for the next pre-patch?


    Hollywood goes for world dumbination,
    Trailer at 11.

    --- ./drivers/net/8139too.c.wrong Thu Dec 28 19:39:18 2000
    +++ ./drivers/net/8139too.c Thu Dec 28 19:39:26 2000
    @@ -536,7 +536,6 @@
    MODULE_DESCRIPTION ("RealTek RTL-8139 Fast Ethernet driver");
    MODULE_PARM (multicast_filter_limit, "i");
    MODULE_PARM (max_interrupt_work, "i");
    -MODULE_PARM (debug, "i");
    MODULE_PARM (media, "1-" __MODULE_STRING(8) "i");

    static int read_eeprom (void *ioaddr, int location, int addr_len);
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