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    From wrote:
    > Just out of curiosity, what would happen with redirection if your source
    > tree for 'the currently running kernel' version happens to be configured
    > for a different 'the currently running kernel', perhaps a machine of a
    > foreign arch that you are cross-compiling for?

    Two choices:
    1) try to find an alternative. If there's none, fail.
    2) make the corresponding asm or asm/arch branch available (non-trivial
    and maybe not desirable)

    > I do this: I use ONE machine to compile kernels for five: four i386 and
    > one SUN4C. My other machines don't even HAVE /usr/src/linux, so where does
    > this redirection leave them?

    Depends on your distribution: if it doesn't install any kernel-specific
    headers, you wouldn't be able to compile programs requiring anything
    beyond what it provided by your libc. Otherwise, there could be a
    default location (such as /usr/src/linux is a default location now).

    The main advantage of a script would be that one could easily compile
    for multiple kernels, e.g. with

    export TARGET_KERNEL=2.0.4

    Even if your system is running 2.4.13-test1.

    The architecture could be obtained from the tree or the tree could be
    picked based on the architecture. This is a policy decision that could
    be hidden in the script.

    - Werner

    / Werner Almesberger, ICA, EPFL, CH /
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