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    SubjectRe: [Korbit-cvs] Re: ANNOUNCE: Linux Kernel ORB: kORBit

    > > > There is a large perception of CORBA being slow, but for the most part it
    > > > is unjustified.
    > Really? I have that same perception but I can't claim that I've measured it.
    > On the other hand, I have measured the overhead of straight UDP, TCP, and
    > Sun RPC ping/pong tests and you can find the code for that in any version
    > of lmbench. It should be a 5 minute task for someone who groks corba to
    > do the same thing using the same framework. If someone wants to do it,
    > I'll guide them through the lmbench stuff. It's pretty trivial, start

    Urm... thanks for the offer... but you misunderstand me if you think that
    I'm claiming that kORBit is the ideal/fast implementation that everyone
    has been looking for. There is still much to be done. :)


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