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    SubjectRe: linux-2.4.0-test11 and sysklogd-1.3-31
    >>>>> "GN" == Georg Nikodym <> writes:

    GN> Here's a patch (against sysklogd-1.3-31) that completely tear out
    GN> the symbol processing code.

    Doh! Forgot a chunk (to be applied after the others):

    diff -Nru a/src/sysklogd-1.3-31/Makefile b/src/sysklogd-1.3-31/Makefile
    --- a/src/sysklogd-1.3-31/Makefile Mon Dec 11 20:28:24 2000
    +++ b/src/sysklogd-1.3-31/Makefile Mon Dec 11 20:28:24 2000
    @@ -63,8 +63,8 @@
    syslogd: syslogd.o pidfile.o
    ${CC} ${LDFLAGS} -o syslogd syslogd.o pidfile.o ${LIBS}

    -klogd: klogd.o syslog.o pidfile.o ksym.o
    - ${CC} ${LDFLAGS} -o klogd klogd.o syslog.o pidfile.o ksym.o ${LIBS}
    +klogd: klogd.o syslog.o pidfile.o
    + ${CC} ${LDFLAGS} -o klogd klogd.o syslog.o pidfile.o ${LIBS}

    syslog_tst: syslog_tst.o
    ${CC} ${LDFLAGS} -o syslog_tst syslog_tst.o
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