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    SubjectRe: Traffic storm interaction with MacOS 8.6
    > Setup:
    > Client A is a PowerMac 8100/80 with a G3 CPU upgrade, MacOS 8.6

    MacOS 9.0.4 has many TCP fixes, including a vulnerability that allowed a
    packet storm denial of service. Can you reproduce the problem with that
    version of MacOS? (If you can't run 9.0.4 for some reason, there's an
    Open Transport update available for 9.0 with the fixes, but your Mac is
    too old to run it under 8.6.)

    [Actually, it's possible to hack it into running under 8.6 on an older
    machine, but (disregarding any legal ramifications which I'm too tired to
    think about now) it introduces some weird glitches, and I *really* would
    not recommend it -- also, I forget how I hacked it into working on an
    older machine; I *think* the hacking procedure involved using an OS 9 CD
    at some point in the process.]

    -Barry K. Nathan <>

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