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SubjectRe: 2.2.18pre21 oops reading /proc/apm
On Sun, 10 Dec 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> > OK, I did this (at least I think I got it right: the patch was happy) but
> > I can't see anything resembling DMI strings (even after I removed
> Ok your machine probably doesnt have DMI then. That unfortunately means its
> hard to identify the specific machine

Which I presume rather rules out automagic detection and workaround?

I take it you are refering to the Phoenix BIOS detection code in
arch/i386/kernel/dmi_scan.c (ah yes, I see coments about QA ;-) and
subsequent call to apm_battery_horked()?

Is it "obvious" that I'm dealing with the same or similar kind of
bugginess here?

That being the case, any reason I can't/shouldn't put in a function
similar to apm_battery_horked(), and call/run it based on a config-time

FWIW, the machine claims "Phoenix NoteBIOS" dated 1994, and the poweroff
bit of APM appears to work just fine.


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