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    SubjectRe: Persistent module storage [was Linux 2.4 Status / TODO page]
    On Tue, 07 Nov 2000, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > changing settings. If I plug in a hotplug soundcard and load the driver, I do
    > > NOT want the driver to decide to set some settings. If I want settings set,
    > > I'll do it myself (or have a script to do it).
    > How about if your stuff is already nicely set up and you remove then replug
    > a device,

    When I plug it in and modprobe is triggered to load the driver, a script then
    runs to feed the device appropriate configuration info. Since the driver only
    resets the hardware when it is given the correct configuration, there's no

    > or remove and swap for an identical replacement part. Most people then
    > want the configuration preserved.

    Hmm... define "identical". I take a laptop home, use a USB NIC to talk to my
    LAN at home (using NAT) with a 192.168.* address. Then I take it elsewhere and
    use the same model of NIC on the college LAN. All of a sudden, I get myself
    banging on the door complaining about misconfigured NICs :-)

    > And guess what the simple modutils solution using an ELF section solves that
    > too Want to go to default configuration ?
    > rm /var/run/modules/
    > or wrap it in a GUI.

    That sounds a lot like what I've been advocating all along, if that file is
    created/updated by a script when eth0's driver is unloaded, then fed back to
    eth0 on load.

    > [BTW windows gets the USB speaker state management right, seems they store all
    > the module persistent data in the registry!]

    Yes, that's what we need. A registry, so configuration problems can be
    persistent across boots, and even reinstallations... ;-)

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