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    SubjectRe: Universal debug macros.
    "H. Peter Anvin" <> writes:

    > > > Something RedHat & co may want to consider doing is providing a basic
    > > > kernel and have, as part of the install procedure or later, an
    > > > automatic recompile and install kernel procedure. It could be
    > > > automated very easily, and on all but the very slowest of machines, it
    > > > really doesn't take that long.
    > >
    > > this completely not possible to do in regard of the end-users eyes.
    > >
    > Why not?

    slow !! end-user want to install a distribution fast !!!

    it need a lot to be friendly the compilation (ie: we cannot do only
    launch of make xconfig, not everyone now which options to select),
    what we can do is a detection of the module and recompile a kernel
    with the detected module for recompilation but there is too much error
    case that could not be handle.

    MandrakeSoft Inc
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