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    SubjectRE: KERNEL BUG: console not working in linux

    I've been taking some holidays and haven't followed
    all of this thread closely, but:

    > From: Albert D. Cahalan []
    > H. Peter Anvin writes:
    > > [Albert Cahalan]
    > >> [Alan Cox]
    > >>>> 1) Why did they disable my videocard ?
    > >>>
    > >>> Because your machine is not properly PC compatible
    > >>
    > >> The same can be said of systems that don't support the
    > >> standard keyboard controller for A20 control.

    Just curious: Are you (Alan?) saying this ("standard") based on the
    unpublished IBM PC specs (well, it was when I needed it around
    1990; don't know about now ???). Or do you have a copy
    of it? They were mighty hard to come by, and I was working
    on a contract for IBM at the time (not at Intel).

    > > Yes, it can. Unfortunately, some "legacy-free" PCs apparently
    > > are starting to take the tack that the KBC is legacy. Therefore,
    > > the use of port 92h is mandatory on those systems.
    > Not just embedded systems?

    Right. Not just embedded systems.

    > > Port 92h dates back to at the very least the IBM PS/2.
    > >
    > > Either way, the video card of the original poster is broken in more
    > > ways than that. Ports 0x00-0xFF are reserved for the motherboard
    > > chipset and have been since the original IBM PC.
    > His video card is the motherboard. He has built-in video.
    > So the port is being used by his motherboard chipset.
    > -


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