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    Subjecttest11-pre6 still very broken

    The mysterious lockups in test11-pre5 continue in test11-pre6. It is very
    difficult because the lockups appear to be kdb-specific (and kdb itself
    goes mad) but when there is no kdb there is very little useful information
    one can extract from a dead system...

    I will start removing kernel subsystems, one by one and try to reproduce
    it on as plain kernel as possible (i.e. just io, no networking etc.)

    So, this not-very-useful report just says -- test11-pre6 is extremely
    unstable, a simple "ltrace ls" can cause a lockup. Also, some programs
    work when run normally but coredump (or hang) when run via strace, but
    only sometimes, not always... (no, I don't have faulty memory, I run


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