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    SubjectRe: 2.2.18Pre Lan Performance Rocks!

    Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
    > On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 06:38:09PM -0700, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
    > > [..] It's all rather complicated, and I think alien
    > > to Unix folks. [..]
    > That has _nothing_ to do with software. That's only has to do with the IA32
    > hardware.
    > If you only switch the stack during context switching then you _can't_ provide
    > memory protection between different tasks. Period.


    I am writing up a complete description of NetWare internals, and what we
    are doing to
    the 2.2.X code base to create a NetWare Linux hybrid. I will post, an
    if Alan wants to fork his own personal NetWare 2.2.18pre in his /people
    area, I would have Andre and my folks maintain it and make it available
    for everyone to use.

    I've been deluged with emails from folks on the list telling me to go
    for it, and Novell customers who think it's a valid path to preserve
    their investments in Novell technologies, and I know it will be a
    lucrative market and put Linux in high level enterprise accounts for
    high capacity file and print. When 2.4 is out the door, we'll start
    looking at that one.

    It would also allow the Linux companies to go from 20 million a year in
    revenues to 100 million in revenues on boxed software sales alone.
    Novell is bringing in 1 billion dollars a year. If Caldera, Suse, and
    RedHat split this three ways, that's 33 million dollars more each year
    than they are making now. People will pay it, and since it's ring 0,
    they have to get it from a vendor to know that all the componenets are
    stable together (this is how Novell stays in the accounts and is able to
    deamdn a high price for this product).

    I am finishing NWFS 2.4.4 post so, I will finish the write up after I
    finish up these auto repair tools for the FS.



    > Andrea
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