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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Support for CS89x0 based PCMCIA cards
    p2 wrote:
    > Hi *,
    > Attached you will find a patch which adds support for CS89x0 base PCMCIA
    > cards such as the IBM EtherJet.

    Great work!

    Did you know that Danilo Beuche has written a Card Services driver for
    this device? An old version of that driver currently resides somewhere
    in the `contrib' area of (sorry, I
    don't have the exact URL - the internet has stopped). His current page
    is at and his driver seems
    fairly current for kernel 2.2.

    Could I suggest that you review Danilo's driver against yours? He may
    have additional device support, etc.

    Once you've done that I'd suggest that we use a common header file
    between the ISA and PCMCIA drivers. I'm open to suggestions on whether
    you think a common .c file is appropriate.

    Unfortunately your work is based on an older version of the 2.4 driver
    and it doesn't include some EEPROM and IRQ work from Jason Gunthorpe.

    More unfortunately, the 2.4.0-test9 cs89x0.c isn't up-to-date. I have a
    few minor changes here which I wasn't planning on submitting until

    I'd also suggest that we ask David Hinds to review your driver - I'm not
    at all familiar with the Card Services interfaces.

    Anyway, I'll send you the diffs against the current cs89x0.c and we can
    work this off-list a bit, see where it ends up.
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