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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: PATCH: killing read_ahead[]


    I've reviewed the patch. It's affect seems minimal and will not break
    NWFS as proposed -- it looks like, however, it will reduce the
    performance slightly of EXT2/3 with iozone for read ahead since the
    first section of the patch limits the read ahead window size. NWFS uses
    it's own read ahead underneath Linux page cache, so our performance is
    unaffected. I was concerned about interface issues between the FS and
    page cache interface. THe impact seems iminmal. I'm sorry to be on the
    edge of my seat, but we've got a 2.4 based Linux distribution nearly
    ready to go out the door, and even minor changes could push us out

    2.4 is as solid as any release of W2K or NetWare I've seen (NetWare
    ships when the bug count of level II and III bugs (non-Oopes) hits 300.
    Microsoft ships when the bug count is under 1000.) 2.4 is way under
    these numbers, but since it's open source, the whole planet gets to know
    about every single bug, no matter how minor. I think it's ready -- I've
    got servers here that have been running it for weeks, and it's looking
    solid on everything except PCMCIA (still some problems that are Level I
    here) and some of the more exotic features added of late. With the DVD
    fixes, it's on par with W2K as is.



    "Jeff V. Merkey" wrote:
    > Where's the patch located? It's not attached to this email.
    > Jeff
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