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    SubjectRe: patch: atapi dvd-ram support

    "Mohammad A. Haque" wrote:
    > Are you suggesting the tools be part of the kernel tree? If you are, I
    > don't think they belong here because they are userland tools like
    > mkisofs and the like. Nothing really related to the kernel.

    No. I'm suggesting they be in the utils area of so folks
    don't have to
    run all over the net locating them. I like just typing

    'rsync /home/ftp/linux' to update my mirror for
    my Linux
    customers rather than run all over the internet looking for stuff.



    > >
    > > Jens,
    > >
    > > It would be a good idea to roll these tools into the tree so
    > > folks don't have
    > > to run all over the net looking for them. I'll go and grab them and
    > > start testing.
    > >
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    > Mohammad A. Haque
    > "Alcohol and calculus don't mix. Project Lead
    > Don't drink and derive." --Unknown
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