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    SubjectRe: freeing memory
      It's not a fault of kernel, it's just a mistake.
    you should use
    for(i=0 to 9)
    pAddr[10] only has a range of 0 to 9.
    miic> f_malloc()
    miic> {
    miic> .....
    miic> for (i=1 to 10)
    miic> {
    miic> size = 1000;
    miic> pAddr[i] = (unsigned long) kmalloc(size, GFP_DMA | GFP_BUFFER);
    miic> }
    miic> ...
    miic> }

    miic> and freeing the allocated memory as follows

    miic> f_free()
    miic> {
    miic> .....
    miic> for (i=1 to 10)
    miic> {
    miic> kfree(pAddr[i]);
    miic> }
    miic> }

    miic> pAddr is defined as 'unsigned long pAddr[10]'

    miic> But when f_free executes i ran into problems and computer hangs.
    miic> What can be the problem?????

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