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    SubjectRe: reproducable oops with 2.4.0-test9/reiserfs-3.6.17

    --On 10/21/00 13:08:26 -0700 "Brian J. Murrell"
    <> wrote:

    [ BUG with highmem on reiserfs ]
    > Unfortunately, that BUG might have been a red herring.

    I wish ;-) That was a real bug, you just found a second one.

    For highmem pages, set_bh_page() sets bh->b_data to (char *)0 + offset.
    Based on this, I don't think it is legal for highmem pages to be used here.

    Guys, what am I missing? reiserfs is using GFP_BUFFER on kmallocs except
    for the bitmaps, and during journal replay (I'm fixing both of those
    spots). It looks like this BUG is coming from accessing bh->b_data from a
    page in the page cache.


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