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    SubjectRe: 2.4.0-test10-pre3:Oops in mm/filemap.c:filemap_write_pa
    In article <>,
    Trond Myklebust <> wrote:
    >>>>>> " " == Petr Vandrovec <> writes:
    > > You do not have to use NFS - look for my postings with
    > > 'page->mapping == NULL' in archive. Your code uses shared mmap,
    > > 'page->isn't
    > > it? Probably shared by couple of processes.
    >It's probably particularly nasty under NFS because of

    Btw, that "invalidate_inode_pages()" thing is just wrong - we can't just
    remove pages that are mapped etc, because that would result in no end of
    fun aliasing problems etc.

    I don't see why invalidate_inode_pages() would be called for this
    sequence, though, which is why I'd be more likely to blame the truncate
    case, but I think you're right about invalidate_inode_pages() being a
    problem none-the-less.

    How about adding a test in invalidate_inode_pages() like

    /* We cannot invalidate a locked page */
    if (TryLockPage(page))

    + /* We cannot invalidate a page that is in use */
    + if (page_count(page) != 1) {
    + UnlockPage(page);
    + continue;
    + }

    Because otherwise we might end up invalidating pages that might have
    pending write-back etc (although I think the NFS logic tries to avoid
    invalidating when there's pending activity).

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