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    SubjectRe: "Tux" is the wrong logo for Linux
    KMF AV <> writes:
    > ... obviously the Linux logo should be the
    > international symbol for the fucking retard.

    Actually, this was considered. However, in those dark days, the ISO
    had not yet standardized the international symbol for the fucking
    retard. A symbol for "dimwit crossing" was in wide-spread use, and it
    had been incorporated into an ANSI draft standard, but there were
    certain legal issues---Microsoft claimed it infringed on their "flying
    windows" trademark.

    Instead, the penguin, the stupidest and nastiest of all flightless
    birds (ostrich? BZZZT-thanks-for-playing!) was felt to best symbolize
    the glorious mosaic that is the Linux development community.

    But, thanks for your input!

    Kevin <>
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