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    SubjectRe: Netcard: RTL8139B Problems (Hangs)
    On Mon, 16 Oct 2000 kernel@starlight.noc wrote:
    > Scenario:
    > o Linux 2.2.16 (older driver) & Linux 2.4.0-test9 (8139too-fast)
    > o Two machines
    > o Netcards with RTL8139B chipsets
    > o Both hang after seemingly random delays / random amounts of net activity
    > o One seems to get a shitload of packet errors if left for a few days and
    > used again.
    > o Machines have ATI Rage 128 Chipsets for Graphics cards.
    > Misc:
    > o If I use w3m all day and don't overdo net activity too much, machine
    > will stay stable, if I use netscape and look at high graphic (say high
    > bandwidth) sites, *bang* it reboots.
    > o If I transfer stuff directly across the network (at 100meg, HD) it
    > will crash almost instantaneously.
    > o I have tried all manner of tests to monitor and log net transfer to see
    > when the actual hang takes place, but haven't been able to "benchmark"
    > it.
    > o Seems to be rougly after 6.6megs.. found this out by doing,
    > { while true; sync; done } &
    > nc otherbox chargen > bigfile
    > After reboot, du -h bigfile,
    > 6.6M bigfile (or something similar)
    > Heeelp :P

    You could try the patch I sent to this list a couple of days ago, and see
    if it helps. Let me know if you cannot find it. Search for 8139 in the

    [Btw, you should know that the RTL8139 is a really bad piece of hardware.
    I recommend everyone to buy some other network card. (And yes, I'm


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