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    SubjectRe: PATCH pc_keyb and q40_keyb cleanup
    Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
    > Timer, bottomhalves (softirq) and tasklets (and softnet) are always
    > recalled with irq enabled. So if it would be called by timer/tasklet/bhhandler
    > it should use irq version of the spinlocks too if it needs to run with irq
    > locally disabled.
    > One thing you could safely change in keyboard_interrupt is to remove the save
    > part of the spinlock by using spin_lock_irq (we don't need to save anything
    > since keyboard_interrupt is only recalled as an irq handler).

    I understand SA_INTERRUPT, my question in the previous e-mail was more
    basic: keyboard_interrupt calls handle_kbd_event with local interrupts
    disabled. Why are local interrupts disabled?

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