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    I am attempting to move all of the root files and
    folders into a single directory /linux on the root
    file system. I then use the kernel parameter
    init=/linux/sbin/init to get things rolling but the
    kernel panics.

    When I boot linux, everything seems to work ok until
    the kernel tries to execute init. The root device is
    mounted as the root file system successfully and I see
    a message stating so. But then I get a kernel panic
    which says it couldn't find init and to try using the
    init= kernel parameter.

    I'm guessing there is something missing from the root
    directory that the kernel needs but isn't there. I
    tried moving the /dev directory back to the root
    directory on the root file system but this didn't help

    Anyone have any clues?


    P.S. The reason I'm doing this is because I'm
    creating a bootable CD but have other things on the CD
    in addition to linux.

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