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    SubjectLinux SMP locks with "hda:lost interrupt" on Tyan Tiger 100
    I have a Tyan MB-based system that runs fine in uniprocessor mode.  If I
    boot it with an SMP kernel, it periodically locks up when put under a heavy
    load. I can reproduce this readily with:

    % cd /usr/src/linux
    % export MAKEFLAGS=-j2
    % make

    If I leave out setting MAKEFLAGS, the kernel compiles. With it, the compile
    will run for a while after which it will fail with an error, which is never
    the same, and the message "hda:lost interrupt" with begin printing on the
    console every 5 seconds or so. After that, the system is toast and it is
    ~50% likely the that file system will be corrupted beyond repair. Also, I
    can run a CPU-intensive, threaded application which pounds both processors
    without a hitch. The problem seems to only occur when both processors are
    using the HD at the same time.

    Anyone have any ideas what might be the problem?

    The system has the following components:

    Tyan Tiger 100, BIOS 2.00.00 (the latest) loaded with failsafe defaults
    2 450 MHz PIII
    Seagate 6.4G HD
    Sound Blaster Live (driver not loaded)
    Voodoo3 3500 TV AGP
    3.5" FD
    3Com Fast EtherLinkXL 10/100
    Logitech mouse on PS/2
    Redhat 6.1/kernel-smp-2.2.12-20.i686.rpm

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