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    SubjectRe: Announce: initrd-tftp 0.1
    On Sun Jan 09, 2000 at 01:24:59AM +0300, Khimenko Victor wrote:
    > > I really don't think obscure features for big iron systems are any different
    > > then obscure features for embedded systems.
    > They ARE. You can do what you want from userspace. You can not support obscure
    > CD-ROM's, 64GiB RAM, etc. in sane way without kernel modifications. If (and
    > ONLY if!) some obscure feature for embedded system can not be done outside of
    > kernel in sane way it'll be included. But you should at least consider ALL
    > known userspace solutions and show how they ALL are failing to fill the
    > bill...

    I know all about Linux cdrom drivers. :)

    Now, show me the user space solution that lets me tftp
    an initrd without having to glob it into the kernel.


    Erik B. Andersen Web:
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