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    SubjectRe: [Semi-OT] hot-swapping kernels
    Date writes:

    > What I basically want to do is to use a Linux kernel as the
    > second-stage boot loader. This (supposedly stable) kernel can then
    > load the "real" kernel (and possibly initrd) from wherever they may
    > be hiding (e.g. RAID, tftp through an IPsec tunnel, you name it).
    > Then it passes any useful information it may have gathered to far
    > (e.g. data from the real-mode BIOS, SCSI bus scan results, etc.) to
    > the new kernel and boots it.

    I think a kernel as second-stage bootloader is overkill. I think people
    should rather work merging the advantages of LILO and those of GRUB, to
    get a DECENT bootloader. What I hate most about LILO is the unawareness
    of file systems and the ugly menu, what GRUB lacks, is the ability of
    passing in "next-time" boot-parameters of lilo -R way - which prevents
    many people of switching from LILO to GRUB.

    Besides that, it would be really cool if you could just replace a
    running kernel by a new one, though I think it would require shutting
    down all services prior to that. Still, not going through the BIOS boot
    procedure would be an advantage...

    Find GRUB at (that is from memory, in case
    it's wrong, search for it at

    Matthias Andree

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