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Subjectmake xconfig and choice bug?

while playing with reiserfs, I found out that:

make xconfig does not choose any of the options of a "choice"
selection for a new option, while make menuconfig does and make
oldconfig/make config ask anyways for new options.

This is the relevant fragment. I expect make xconfig to set
CONFIG_CRYPTO_SECURE_HASH unless explicitly touched (yes, REISERFS is

#reiserfs support
tristate 'Reiserfs support' CONFIG_REISERFS_FS
if [ "$CONFIG_REISERFS_FS" = "y" -o "$CONFIG_REISERFS_FS" = "m" ]; then

choice 'Reiserfs hash function' \
...rupasov_hash CONFIG_YRH_HASH" ...tea_hash

Comments, Fixes? (I cannot currently program Tcl/Tk).

Matthias Andree

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