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SubjectRe: Keyboard is frozen on boot of 2.3.41
On Sun, Jan 30, 2000 at 06:15:25PM -0500, Wakko Warner wrote:

> > and nothing more. The "Timeout" message comes from the final
> > "send_data()", which seems to imply nothing more than the fact that the
> > keyboard has already locked up by that time.
> Actually, on my NEC, it doesn't print any errors.
> Sounds interesting. I actually thought about trying to have one function in
> yenta just return and see which one does it. Or is this a waist of time?

There may be several unrelated keyboard problems.
Since the very beginning there have been mysterious keyboard complaints.
There has been a single Linux version - I forgot - perhaps 1.1.74? -
where I would have a dead keyboard every few minutes, and the reason
was entirely unclear, it looked like the only variable was the timing
of the keyboard interrupt, and the next kernel version all problems
were gone again (with no change in keyboard code).

This is the "keyboard-only" problem. The situation is a bit worse
when there is interaction with a PS/2 mouse.

I have entertained the theory that reacting either very quickly or
very slowly is OK, but reacting a bit quickly (to the kbd interrupt)
is wrong.

Idle speculation.

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