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SubjectRe: TCP SYNs broken in 2.3.41
   From: Russell King <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 16:36:32 +0000 (GMT)

I've just been investigating why TCP SYNs from an ARM box running 2.3.41
seem to be corrupted. Some bytes in the packet seem to be offset by 3,
others by 2.

Wait, if they are corrupted, you may have spotted another bug as

The networking never has, and probably never will, guarentee the
alignment of packets. This means that all of your checksum support
needs to handle completely arbitrary alignment cases.

The networking also requires that unaligned load/store will work
in the kernel. If you don't handle this, then IPX, Appletalk, and
some of the other more esoteric protocols will simply not work
on your platform.

So does the ARM code handle this?

Why is this '+ 15' here anyway? Can someone shed some enlightenment on it?
Also, can this go into the kernel for 2.3.42 please?

Yes, this is a bug. And as Alexey has stated we'll get a fix
into 2.3.42

But please clear us up on the issues I've raised above.

David S. Miller

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