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    SubjectRe: all zeroes/all ones used in host IP's...
    From: (H. Peter Anvin)
    Subject: Re: all zeroes/all ones used in host IP's...
    Date: 28 Jan 2000 11:55:20 -0800

    > You are, indeed, completely wrong. There rules are that neither the
    > *entire* network portion or the *entire* host portion of the address
    > can be all 0 or all 1.

    No, he is correct if you go by RFC 1122. However, if you are running CIDR you
    are right. It seems most posts on this topic actually misses the pre/post CIDR
    conditions and you really have to read the full section of RFC 1122 and think
    of what class the address at hand has in order to fully interprent the
    paragraph that he quoted correctly.

    Today should everyone run classless and thus will the special case of the
    subnet number not apply anymore. However, the host number part of the address
    will obey the rules of RFC 1122 even if we nowdays move the subnet/host bit

    By looking in the latest "Internet Architecture Board Standards Track" RFC,
    namely RFC 2400 you will find that the CIDR architecture RFC (1518) is stuck
    at Proposed Standard Protocols level in elective status where it has been for
    many years and been usefull in the meanwhile. The latest RFC-index reveals the
    same level. So, you can't say that CIDR is standard, but it is on the standard
    track and we should use it, so in this sence is Peter almost correct ;)


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