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SubjectRe: PPro IDE problems (2.3.39-2.3.41)
: 	I've been having some rather aggrevating problems w/ IDE on my
: dual PPro system under 2.3.41 (also had trouble w/ 2.3.39 and 2.3.40,
: though have yet to try anything prior). The problem is somewhat simple,
: the machine boots, and then stops after detecting the IDE controllers,
: but before actually finding the disks. The kernel appears to just stop.
: Under the exact same setup I've had no problems w/ 2.2.12-2.2.14.
: Any initial thoughts? I'm more than happy to provide whatever
: information is neccessary, perhaps individually to someone instead of
: spamming the list, unless people feel it would be more useful to spam
: the list...
: Any feedback would be appriciated. :)

Intel PR440FX motherboard? Try specifying "nmi_watchdog=0" in the boot options
through either lilo or whatever you use. I have the same problem on my system.

Matthew Harrell I used to have a handle on life,
Bit Twiddlers, Inc. then it broke.

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