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SubjectRe: 2GB limit (more info)?
In <> Catalin BOIE ( wrote:
> Hi!

> Thanks for your answers!

> I want to use mysql or postgresql for this task.
> If I understand corectly, on a i386 machine, there is a limit of 2GB for a
> file on ext2 (at least).

Ext2 is not relevant here. Since VFS in 2.2.x does not support files with
more then 2GiB size you can not have such files with ANY filesystem.

> So, to accomplish the task I must use more tables with maximum size of
> 2GB.

Exactly. Each table should be under 2GiB in size but full database can be much
bigger. About mysql/postgresql... MySQL is VERY fast on small and medium sized
databases but it's not very suited to handle REALLY large ones: I've seen
big performance drop after 500'000-1'000'000 records in table (sometimes even
100'000 was enough). Not know about postgresql...

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