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SubjectStrange scheduling behavoir in SMP (kernel 2.2.14)

I have a SMP machine with two Pentium III. In order to compare performance with other machines I began a simple test:

for (i=0;i<MAX_NUMBER;i++)
c=a*b; /* These variables could be integer or double */

Using kernel 2.2.12 with SMP support this simple program take more time in my machine than in a uniprocessor with K6-2 (the same problem appear in the last stable kernel 2.2.14) Using xosview
application I discovered where the problem was. Instead of staying all the time in the same cpu, the process go from one cpu to other with a big performance lost.

Am I right?. Has been this problem solved in 2.3.x series?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Prof. Antonio Flores Gil
Departamento de Ingeniería y Tecnología de Computadores. Facultad de
Informática. Universidad de Murcia
Campus de Espinardo - 30080 Murcia (SPAIN)
Tel.: +34-968-364638 Fax: +34-968-364151

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