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    SubjectRe: 2GB limit?
    In <> Catalin BOIE ( wrote:
    > Hi!

    > I need to setup a machine with 256MB RAM (maybe 512MB) for a database
    > server. I will have a database with size more than 2GB. Can I do it with
    > kernel 2.2.x? What is the limit?

    Limit for FILE is 2GiB (MAX_INT to be exact). If you are using SQL server with
    ability to use few files for one database you should be fine. Otherwise you'll
    need 64bit processor.

    > Do you recommand another type of hardware (Alpha etc.)?

    At least 2.2.x will not support files > 2GiB, 2.4.x is not ready and will not
    be ready for few months and even if 2.4.x with EXPERIMENTAL support for
    big files will be there SQL server will not pick up for some time I guess.
    But choice is yours. 256MiB RAM (or 512MiB-2GiB RAM) is not a problem for
    2.2.x ...

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